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Member Program Terms and Conditions

1 comply with the relevant regulations and the Republic of China to use Internet for all international conventions. 
2 shall publish in any pornographic site, obscene, violent, false advertising and other remarks. 
3 Do not link or post on political, pornographic, religion, superstition, collect money and other illegal messages or pictures. 
4 members are willing to take to ensure that all civil and criminal liability for personal acts, directly or indirectly lead. 
5 non-malicious deletion, invasion, spread viruses, or destroy any information or pages of the site, otherwise it will bear all legal responsibilities. 
6 Do not post involving malicious attacks, abusive, defamatory, insulting the article or message. 
7.If members have any problems, the site retains the final decision right. 
8 members knowingly violated any of the above regulations, the site will immediately impose a suspended parts place, and pursue the related liability.